Integration and Marketing

Getting clear on your course idea and your customer

Action steps

1. Grab a pen and paper and make a list of your skills, your talents and life experiences that might be of benefit to other people – your ZONE OF GENIUS.

What are you so good at that you don’t even have to think about, but that other people don’t find so easy?

What do people often ask you to help them with?

What are you known for?

2. Identify who your CUSTOMER is, where they hang out and what their problems are.

Write down who they are and what their main pain points are, to get to the one specific thing you can help them with.

3. Check your idea against the IDEA CHECKLIST

Do you love it?

Are you good at it?

Are lots of people talking about or asking about it?

Do you have experience at it?

4. Make a list of the OUTCOMES your customer will achieve by taking your course.

What skills will they be able to show, how will their life be different, what will they achieve?

5. Make a list of the BENEFITS of YOUR course

Look at the benefits versus not doing it, or the benefits of yours versus doing another similar course.

6. Do some MARKET RESEARCH on your course idea.

Use Google and Udemy looking at similar courses that are available and their sales pitch, price, structure and content.

7. Is your course similar, but different? If YES – go on ahead to Step 2.